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Mr InfrastructureHi, I’m on of your polymathic hosts, Edward Newman, and like Forrest Gump I’ve worn a lot of shoes.  Which is good, because I like shoes, but I digress.  I currently run the Cloud and Virtual Data Center consulting organization for EMC Corporation and started blogging at Mr Infrastructure on technology and cloud computing.  The idea for this site was born out of many conversations with my friend and colleague Peter Kraatz about our wide ranging interests and the dirth of content out there for folks like us, technology geeks who enjoy the finer things in life, as opposed to twee hipsters who aspire to the finer things.  Some of the things I will be blogging about: Irish whiskey; cigars; Apple technologies; IT transformation; hi-fi audio/vinyl; men’s fashion; architecture; mathematics; Premier League Soccer; the NFL; and gaming.


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