Weatherproof Paper Test

Hey, I wrote that post yesterday on making your own logs and then I discovered Geocacher kabuthunk has his own writeup on weatherproof paper, with an actual test or two!  This is what I call good stuff.  He’s posted other nifty how tos on his Geocaching stuff page: here.  He’s even got:

  • Repairing a cat-chewed GPS antenna
  • Building a car cup-holder GPS mount
  • Wrapping a geocoin with chainmail

Seriously?  Well I gotta see this.  Wait, what?  That last one actually looks ridiculously cool.  Check it out; THAT is protecting a coin!


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Peter is a Geocacher, competitive cribbage player, surfer, amateur magician, golfer and star watcher (the astronomical kind). In his day job for Datalink, Peter is a Senior Manager with their Cloud Service Management Practice helping customers build, manage and improve their legacy IT and Private Cloud infrastructures through Automation, Orchestration and clean living. We're not so sure on the clean living.
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