FedEx Bandwidth

FedEx Bandwidth.

Please; everybody read this, now.  And once again genuflect to the true alpha nerd of xkcd.

Ten years ago I wrote an article specifically for my father, explaining how much data I managed at a global entertainment company (4 petabytes, by the way).  At the time I only had the ubiquitous compact disc as a reference for him.  In the days before Randall Munroe and his What-If? and xkcd I had to paint the image of 6 million CDs all by myself.  Unlike Randall, I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life.  This veritable lake of CDs, I told my father, was even stranger: I could find any piece of information in that lake I desired in under 50 thousandths of a second.

He looked up long enough from his newspaper to hang up the corded phone on the wall and say “I’ve never sent an e-mail; is this about e-mail?”  Sigh.  Nevermind.

Ok, so my nerd interests are not universally shared in the family but I know they are in the blogosphere; enjoy.


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  1. Coralie says:

    Lot of smarts in that poisntg!

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