Update: ArduSat Funded!

Remember this from a couple days ago?  Yeah, well they hit their goal to launch the satellite!

ArduSat – Your Arduino Experiment in Space by ppl4world » Comments — Kickstarter.

What’s more, they still have 22 days to go.  If they get enough additional backers they can double the size of the satellite (and more than double the functionality).



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2 Responses to Update: ArduSat Funded!

  1. Joel Spark says:

    Thanks Peter!

  2. Peter Kraatz says:

    I’m embarrassed because my friends and I have not met to discuss designing an experiment and submitting appropriate donations (groups move a little slower). I figured they would hit the number but not with over 3 weeks left! This is pretty awesome. We’d better get cracking on that experiment.

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