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It may seem like we’re a bit late to the game starting a new blog to appeal to geeks in this day and age but we think we’re on to something a little different.  Peter and I have worked together for the last seven years and invariably get caught up in hours long conversations on a wide variety of topics that can be boiled down to just a few key elements: mathematics; science; technology; logic; and how all of these things are being applied in the world today in various guises.  What we’ve always found exciting is that these things are deeply ingrained in consumer technologies or current topics and conversations without most people really knowing it.  The other trend we’ve seen is the rise of the “Geek who can speak”, someone with a high degree of technical proficiency who can also readily communicate to others what it all means.  When I started in technology back in the early 90s this was a real rarity, we developers were poorly dressed nerds hidden in cubes who had a bag of Doritos and a case of Mountain Dew tossed our way every once in awhile to keep us going.  No one would put us in front of a customer for fear that we might actually say something!  As internet technologies and opportunities really took off more and more people got into the field because we needed more meat in the seat, we had to have creative people, and help desk folks, and sales people, &c.  Now our industry has some pretty well rounded people making up our ranks, more so than most industries I’d posit.  I think even the games we play reflect that, the economics associated with games like World of Warcraft and EVE Online are quite sophisticated adding new dimensions to the roleplay.

The goal of this site is to deliver on our mission: To provide interesting, useful and informative opinion and analysis of the varied areas of interest to the Practical Polymath, the Geek who can Speak. Between Peter and myself we’ve got all manner of areas covered: gadgets; coding; Apple technologies; wine; liquor; cribbage; gambling; gaming; shoes; clothing; literature; philosophy; mathematics; physics; &c.  We’re looking forward to sharing what we’ve found with you and getting you to participate in the discussion.  We want to develop a vibrant and active community where other polymaths feel at home.  We’d love to get your feedback on how to deliver on this concept for you.


About Edward

Edward is an unabashed geek currently employed at the Royal Bank of Scotland as the Head of Infrastructure Solutions. He spends his free time with his wife and two daughters listening to music, reading, building Lego projects, being dragged around the neighborhood by his bulldog and just generally enjoying life.
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