My Nominee for Rookie of the Year

Has to go to Photo Trekkers.  They laid down their Easter Egg series (haw haw) recently and I really want them to keep it around past Easter.  There are problems with these caches to be sure, like coordinates and containers but they got a few things right that you just never see…

  1. Container Size
    All of these containers were the right size for the location.  No little micros in a bush you just hiked a mile to find.  Win!
  2. Locations
    6 hides, 6 pretty darned good off road locations and no urban density.  Win!
  3. SWAG
    All of them were stuffed with appropriate SWAG for those of you who trade.  I don’t, but I like looking through it all.  Win!

So there you have it.  Pay them caches a visit and if you’re local to North San Diego County, give ’em a shout!  (and tell them we’d love to see more)


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Peter is a Geocacher, competitive cribbage player, surfer, amateur magician, golfer and star watcher (the astronomical kind). In his day job for Datalink, Peter is a Senior Manager with their Cloud Service Management Practice helping customers build, manage and improve their legacy IT and Private Cloud infrastructures through Automation, Orchestration and clean living. We're not so sure on the clean living.
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