Comment Filters Adjusted

So I was using this horrible “black list” of words that was capturing almost every post as spam.  Hopefully we have that fixed by now.  Try leaving a comment or two.  They should post now right away unless you are a registered spam offender.


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Peter is a Geocacher, competitive cribbage player, surfer, amateur magician, golfer and star watcher (the astronomical kind). In his day job for Datalink, Peter is a Senior Manager with their Cloud Service Management Practice helping customers build, manage and improve their legacy IT and Private Cloud infrastructures through Automation, Orchestration and clean living. We're not so sure on the clean living.
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2 Responses to Comment Filters Adjusted

  1. kinzuakid says:

    Yay! It worked. I guess having the unabridged OED in your spam filter isn’t the best operating model.

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