Venus Transit, Preview, and a How-To

A quick and dirty preview of the upcoming Venus Transit tonight.  It doesn’t compare to the awesome simulator you see here, but I’m just an amateur sky watching hack.

Sincere apologies for the awful quality of my video.  The simulator will more than make up for it.  Since the weather in Southern California is uncooperative (blasted clouds) I may miss it entirely and need to wait for 2117 to roll around.  I’ll still be able to haul out a solar scope by then, right?


If the sun does come out, I will be using a simple homemade Mylar filter to cover my camera lens to take a few pics.  It worked very well with the recent partial eclipse using some scrap from a toy; this time I intend to buy a sheet of film fit for the purpose.


About Peter

Peter is a Geocacher, competitive cribbage player, surfer, amateur magician, golfer and star watcher (the astronomical kind). In his day job for Datalink, Peter is a Senior Manager with their Cloud Service Management Practice helping customers build, manage and improve their legacy IT and Private Cloud infrastructures through Automation, Orchestration and clean living. We're not so sure on the clean living.
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