Tesla Model S: Please be here when I am ready for a new car

Tip o the hat to Yahoo! for the article and eye candy yesterday.  I have coveted the Model S since I first saw its design renderings.  I did some work at the old NUMMI plant in Fremont, CA where they are manufacturing the S and since my father spent 30 years working in a Chevrolet steel forge I have a soft spot for an American car.  Still, the big 3 have been turning out crap for so long only one of our two cars is domestic.  Chevy truck, Honda car.  It will be nice to replace the Honda with some locally manufactured wheels.

This: Tesla Model S: First drive of the electric sedan that will change the world or die trying | Motoramic – Yahoo! Autos.

I will be there, Tesla, just start shipping some cars so you can be there for me.


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