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Bespoke IT vs. Fit for Purpose

I’ve been focused on blogging over at EMC’s InFocus blog for the last year, but I want to get back to the Practical Polymath and start blogging more frequently about a wider variety of topics. First up is some thoughts … Continue reading

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On censoring and innovation

Perhaps it’s apophenia or selection bias but reading Stephen’s latest post over at Pack Rat on Tim Cook and Steve Ballmer struck a chord with some other stuff I’ve been reading and thinking about. As I wrote previously I’ve been … Continue reading

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Getting back to living. . .

I spend a lot of time talking with customers and my team about transformation.  How we can transform IT, how we can transform our relationship with our customers, and how can we transform our business to continue to compete and … Continue reading

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How investors can make money off the ‘cloud’ – write empty articles

How investors can make money off the ‘cloud’ – USATODAY.com. Just get paid to write more articles like this about “the cloud”.  If you never have to speak clearly, define any terms or even use them correctly and still get … Continue reading

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Why Information is like Cognac

With apologies to Chuck Hollis at EMC and James Governor at RedMonk I decided to take a crack at this whole “Why Applications are like fish and Data is like Wine” meme by extending it to posit that Information is … Continue reading

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The ever expanding Digital Universe

IDC Released their 2011 Digital Universe Study and the results are pretty amazing: data is doubling every two years!  This is the fifth year that the IDC has released this study and each year I continue to be surprised by … Continue reading

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Security needs Automation

Recently there’s been some chatter about the role of automation in Security and whether it is appropriate or not as a business strategy much less a security strategy.  Jeffrey Carr states that EMC’s wrong that automation is an efficiency and security … Continue reading

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Strategies for Private Cloud Initiatives

Later this week I’ll be presenting as a part of our EMC Live! webcasts on Building Strategies for Private Cloud Initiatives. I’ve been thinking more about what EMC’s Private Cloud vision means and how it is being implemented by our … Continue reading

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Have I Mentioned I Am a Geek?

You could call me a Geek-O-Cacher. 🙂 I am right at this moment about to prove my geek credentials.  What do all these things have in common?  Read on and find out James Burke Me Petabytes of Data Storage Phil … Continue reading

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