Some Fun Diversions

Until I get back with more caching adventures:

  1. Warning, Math Inside!
    Four Dollars, Almost Five takes on The Monty Hall problem.  I love this problem and I admit freely that I did not fully appreciate the correct solution until just now (it’s one thing to know the right answer; quite another to viscerally “get it”.  He does a masterful job of explaining this counter intuitive probability challenge.  I’m stealing that graphic for one of my caches.  Come for the probability lecture, stay for the Casey Luskin debate.
  2. Warning, Science Inside! Ben Goldacre takes on some of the best hucksters in the business in his book Bad Science.  Try the lost chapter “The Doctor Will Sue You Now” on for size.
  3. Oh, Wait, ALL OF THESE ARE SCIENCY! If you were thinking this would be a super time to withhold vaccinations from your children because “too many too soon” or “gee, even Jim Carrey thinks we should hold off” or simply because your tinfoil hat of government conspiracy protection just wore off…please read the following:
    Bad Astronomy
    Steve Novella
    Yes, all of these folks can be followed on Twitter.
  4. This One’s Got Science AND Mockery! I remember when The Quackometer went down for a long time.  Now that she’s back up, enjoy.

Converse amongst yourselves now.  And don’t forget to give Pharyngula a spin.


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