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I am the Kinzua Kid

I am the Kinzua Kid.  We’ll tackle why that is in a moment but first I must apologize.  I haven’t been terribly productive of late, having been “offline” for about a month as I wrestled with some important decisions.  It’s … Continue reading

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Ask the Headhunter: Fearless

I’ve spoken about and Nick Corcodilos only once or twice before.  We have been pen pals since the dotcom bust put zillions of us on the street and I found his website (pre blog days), then read the weekly … Continue reading

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Wait, you just got Twitter?

Yes, I can finally be found on Twitter (again, actually) as @TheKinzuaKid.  You might try to say I am behind the times but you would be wrong.

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If the shoe fits…

Eat crow. That’s right, eat crow.  If you are late to the show I have been lamenting the demise of Knapp Shoes for what seems like a decade.  Recently I got a strange follow-up e-mail.  It seemed too good to … Continue reading

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The reports of (their) death were greatly exaggerated. (Citation Needed)

One of my most popular posts is this one, wherein I lament the demise of my favorite cobblers, Knapp.  The short version is that I have invested an awful lot of time and hope trying to secure a pair of … Continue reading

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Remember how I said I stay away from certain kinds of news?

I said it here and here.  Check your facts?  Optional.  Draw only conclusions the available data actually support?  Laughable. Find someone who absolutely nails it on the freaking head?  Unheard of, but damned if JD Ferries-Rowe does not come along … Continue reading

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My wife’s at a conference at which I should be speaking

It’s a bit of a role reversal, what with me not on the road and all, but I’m good.  I know how to heat a Hot Pocket and feed the kids from a bowl.  McDonald’s is healthy, right? Still, she’s … Continue reading

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EMC World 2012

I mustered the best grimace I could and still I failed.  You’d think I’ve never been to a conference before, what with my swag bag, backpack, shirt full of cards and pens…I’m missing only the pocket protector and a sign … Continue reading

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Can you believe “ILM” is still an open question?

I’m writing this post on a dare.  I was challenged to write about some of the questions we thought were settled in 2005 but that in 2012 are again hot topics as we head into EMC World 2012.  This one … Continue reading

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Mission Statement

It may seem like we’re a bit late to the game starting a new blog to appeal to geeks in this day and age but we think we’re on to something a little different.  Peter and I have worked together … Continue reading

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