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Three Shut Up

Another year, another new crop of Analysts has suffered through my Speech Communication bootcamp. We ran out of time for one of my favorite sidebars, though, so I’m bringing it to you now, here: the “Three Shut Up” rule. The … Continue reading

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The Rule of 7…

…thousand You Don’t Have to Be Lonely When I roll out a new sales campaign, delivery toolkit, or training of any kind I am gently reminded by well-meaning colleagues about the “rule of 7.” You marketing wonks will be very … Continue reading

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Advice for our New Hires

We just wrapped up a multi-week bootcamp this month for some recent college graduate hires we call the GSAP program in EMC Consulting (now EMC Global Services).  It’s the most successful talent acquisition program we run and I am a … Continue reading

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Volume is not intensity, a lesson from Man of Steel

I’m a Forensics nerd.  I consider my time spent in Speech and Debate through high school and college to be the best investment I’ve ever made.  I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the final awards at the … Continue reading

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