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Turn-Key Cloud: One Step Closer

This is a nice, unsolicited review of something Kent Christensen and I (mostly Kent) have been working on for a few months now.  I won’t say I’m unbiased but I will say I appreciate the hint of skepticism at the … Continue reading

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Nick Corcodilos – Another thread that delivers

It’s got InfoSec, bad behavior from HR, privacy rights, references to this blog and some of my snarky responses to lazy employers.  Heck, even the comments are pretty good. What’s not to like?  Go go go… Ask The Headhunter® | … Continue reading

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On the other hand, some articles actually make sense

Like this one.  My buddy Brian Helm forwarded me this link a few weeks ago, so thanks for the tip.  I don’t know who Ivan Pepelnjak is from Adam but I’m going to start recording his show.  Some of my … Continue reading

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ClickBait: Colocation providers solve problems the cloud can’t

This one landed in my inbox today: Colocation providers solve problems the cloud can’t Except for the part where there is not one single problem articulated that a co-lo solves where a cloud service provider flops, this is a great, … Continue reading

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