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Get your experiment into space!

The awesome this is cannot be overstated.  Discover Magazine is contributing to a project (and a contest) to help the public create and run experiments on a bona fide satellite to be launched into space.  The KickStarter project aims to … Continue reading

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This is why “Shadow IT” happens

One of my friends, let’s call him Rich, works for one of the largest school districts in the U.S. as a technology coordinator.  Rich is the business end between the classroom and the prodigious IT resources a top-10 school district … Continue reading

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Rings around the rosie

I was trying to home in on M104, the Sombrero Galaxy but the sky was not cooperating.  Saturn was a nice, easy target before I packed it up last night.

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You can build it but they won’t come unless you invite them

I get e-mail, so much so that I have had to add a category for it.  This one came in Tuesday: I spoke with [client], who has spent a lot of money creating a private cloud for the company.  They … Continue reading

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Venus Transit

Updated 6/7/12 to fix a broken link. A couple of samples.  I will upload the rest to FB, here.    

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Is Chargeback really a “third rail”?

You might think so after reading Chargeback exposes IT shops as slow, expensive suppliers. “IT is a high cost operation and there will under-recoveries as business units slash consumption,” Rowsell-Jones says. “That’s a terribly interesting position to find yourself in … Continue reading

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Venus Transit, Preview, and a How-To

A quick and dirty preview of the upcoming Venus Transit tonight.  It doesn’t compare to the awesome simulator you see here, but I’m just an amateur sky watching hack. Sincere apologies for the awful quality of my video.  The simulator … Continue reading

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Now THIS is a nursery…

Space, put in its proper perspective, never fails to be awe inspiring.  Since I make you suffer with links to my crappy astro pics, enjoy something from the astronomy of the year: Birth of a Star And when you’re done … Continue reading

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RE: Cloud Computing: do you have a clue? | ZDNet

Twitter can on occasion prove useful.  My tweeps this morning shared an excellent post by Phil Wainewright of ZDNet on Cloud Computing and some misconceptions that still exist years after we’ve been talking about and implementing clouds titled “Cloud Computing: … Continue reading

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EMC World 2012

I mustered the best grimace I could and still I failed.  You’d think I’ve never been to a conference before, what with my swag bag, backpack, shirt full of cards and pens…I’m missing only the pocket protector and a sign … Continue reading

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