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More Templates Added

On the Resources tab, above, I have added a few more templates to help your Caching and Stashing.  Enjoy. Note: WordPress will not let me upload MS Excel documents, so many of the templates are MS Word documents with MS … Continue reading

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How to Use GSAK

I am getting traffic from a number of queries around “How to use GSAK”, or Geocaching Swiss Army Knife.  I have talked about the power of GSAK before.  It’s a great package, even though it’s not one of the regulars … Continue reading

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17 Down – 33 to Go!

I know, this is probably obsessive-compulsive, but I had a whopping half hour to myself on business in Maryland and just had to check that Geocaching box… I have a personal goal of caching every US state in the next … Continue reading

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Out of Town

And while I didn’t get to grab any in Boston, maybe I will be able to snag a few on the way back to the airport in Baltimore. We’ll see. I’d better, since dougandsuzy was handed a gimme about a … Continue reading

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