San Diego County fires

For all you folks wanting to know how we’re faring over here, use the map.  The news is utterly worthless.


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Disney Tickets

Like Pokémon; gotta catch em all.  The kids asked me the trivia question of the year so far: which characters are on the back of all of the Disneyland park tickets?  I didn’t know, so we pulled out all the tickets we had and checked.

Disney TicketsI’m not sure I’ve got the complete set but if so you’ve got a bar bet winner here.  Just in case I’m missing any I’ll keep an eye out the next 40 times I’m there.

Because somebody is bound to ask, starting from noon and going clockwise, they are:

  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Tow Mater
  • Minnie Mouse
  • James P. Sullivan (Sulley)
  • Sally Carrera
  • Donald Duck
  • Luigi
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Goofy
  • Woody
  • Snow White

My son insists Mike Wazowski and Pluto should be in there.

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Star Wars: I’m Good Now

I don’t see any Jar Jar Binks in this lot, so I’m happy.  My son, possibly the only Jar Jar fan in the galaxy, might disagree but it’s all good.

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RFPs: More free advice nobody will take

When I received a memo from one of my sales guys a while back regarding a small government RFP I immediately checked the article index for a quick link I could send to illustrate why we on the pointy end of getting things done aren’t fans of RFPs.  I had nothing but an empty cupboard but could have sworn I’ve written about the horrors of RFP responses for IT projects: unclear scope, crappy grammar and so forth.  I couldn’t imagine having this level of critical thought about a subject and not having embarrassed myself by sharing it.  In the land of IT the quality of RFP documentation correlates directly with the scale of their information technology dysfunction.  Bad RFP means bad IT, mostly.  The exceptions are almost always project driven: deploy an ERP system, perform a root cause analysis, report on specific areas of performance improvement, etc…

My raging must have all been in private.  Trust me; I’ve seen some funny things in RFPs and RFIs.  And sad.  Mostly sad. Continue reading

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Denver Comic Con: Class Acts

Denver Comic Con 2014

Denver Comic Con 2014

Note: this post is almost as much a tale of classy people as it is an open letter to Ted concerning how my nerd is stronger than his nerd.  He does still have a Tesla, however, so I’m starting from a deficit.

My family had a great weekend lunch meetup with Chris Angel, her husband Jamison and daughter Sami.  Chris and Jamison do a LOT of great work with the Comic Book Classroom and Chris has just the most awesome doctorate ever in Medieval Literature.  When she started waxing poetic on Chaucer I swooned.

Not all nerd is Sci-Fi and fantasy.  Pete has a fondness for 14th century blue humor. Continue reading

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Nerd Cred

Nerd Cred

I missed a few points for actually having enough social skills to get married.  Otherwise, it seems about right.

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High Frequency Trading and its Irrational Defense–sense-of-fairmess-fuels-furor-over-high-frequency-trading-160331096.html

High frequency trading has been pulling the equivalent of an “Office Space” scam on the markets since, well, the day after electronic markets were opened in 1999.  The recent backlash by the general public takes me a bit by surprise.  My consulting and infrastructure teams have built a few of these Pied Pipers of network latency and I just figured nobody cared.  Apparently, they do.  And, also apparently, Michael Santoli is playing defense.

His entire argument rests on the following paragraph, and he restates it repeatedly… Continue reading

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Using XP? After today, it’s virtual XP or not at all

That is, if you’re smart, because today is THE DAY.  Nevermind this advice on upgrading.  If you haven’t already or your enterprise hasn’t already, you’re probably not going to upgrade because:

  1. You’re a Luddite who is just now getting to know the interface and the thought of switching is just dreadful
  2. You have a legacy application that just hates the hardware abstraction architecture of Vista/7/8 and are waiting for for the application to retire
  3. Both

I do a lot of work with production shops that rely heavily on legacy CAD/CAM packages with HASP Hardlock (Parallel port) dongles in play for their CNC machining and design work.  Guess what doesn’t work on Windows Vista/7/8?  Those HASP HL dongles.  Guess what software houses want to charge for replacing those dongles with compatible software and hardware?

If you guessed FULL RETAIL PRICE, claim your prize.  Little shops that have 2-10 software licenses running on legacy XP because “they have to” (i.e., they can’t afford to drop $250K to replace software that already works) will have a big problem on their hands, unless we virtualize those desktops and are capable of performing on demand snapshot rollbacks.

Blam!  Out of nowhere, a new use case for VDI: small shop dongle defense.  Why are we still using these things, anyway?

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I’m a Shill

And I think these guys are hiring.  Just sayin’.

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This startup didn’t exactly ditch Amazon Web Services


No matter what the headline says.  What they did say, without saying it, is that you really need to understand your workloads before just slapping them in a public cloud.  Keep that in mind.  Know thy workloads.

Sounds like I need to write the 10 commandments of moving your applications to a public cloud.

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