Nerd Cred

Nerd Cred

I missed a few points for actually having enough social skills to get married.  Otherwise, it seems about right.

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High Frequency Trading and its Irrational Defense–sense-of-fairmess-fuels-furor-over-high-frequency-trading-160331096.html

High frequency trading has been pulling the equivalent of an “Office Space” scam on the markets since, well, the day after electronic markets were opened in 1999.  The recent backlash by the general public takes me a bit by surprise.  My consulting and infrastructure teams have built a few of these Pied Pipers of network latency and I just figured nobody cared.  Apparently, they do.  And, also apparently, Michael Santoli is playing defense.

His entire argument rests on the following paragraph, and he restates it repeatedly… Continue reading

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Using XP? After today, it’s virtual XP or not at all

That is, if you’re smart, because today is THE DAY.  Nevermind this advice on upgrading.  If you haven’t already or your enterprise hasn’t already, you’re probably not going to upgrade because:

  1. You’re a Luddite who is just now getting to know the interface and the thought of switching is just dreadful
  2. You have a legacy application that just hates the hardware abstraction architecture of Vista/7/8 and are waiting for for the application to retire
  3. Both

I do a lot of work with production shops that rely heavily on legacy CAD/CAM packages with HASP Hardlock (Parallel port) dongles in play for their CNC machining and design work.  Guess what doesn’t work on Windows Vista/7/8?  Those HASP HL dongles.  Guess what software houses want to charge for replacing those dongles with compatible software and hardware?

If you guessed FULL RETAIL PRICE, claim your prize.  Little shops that have 2-10 software licenses running on legacy XP because “they have to” (i.e., they can’t afford to drop $250K to replace software that already works) will have a big problem on their hands, unless we virtualize those desktops and are capable of performing on demand snapshot rollbacks.

Blam!  Out of nowhere, a new use case for VDI: small shop dongle defense.  Why are we still using these things, anyway?

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I’m a Shill

And I think these guys are hiring.  Just sayin’.

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This startup didn’t exactly ditch Amazon Web Services


No matter what the headline says.  What they did say, without saying it, is that you really need to understand your workloads before just slapping them in a public cloud.  Keep that in mind.  Know thy workloads.

Sounds like I need to write the 10 commandments of moving your applications to a public cloud.

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why we won’t be painting over this – BAGBY  BEER CO.

Fuck Cancer.  Long Live Kenny.

That is all.

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The Console Living Room

The Internet Archive now has a “Console Living Room” where you can play classic console games in a browser?   I’ll see you in June.

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Book Review: Phoenix Project

The Kinzua Kid is a Blue Collar IT guy, through and through; always has been, always will be.  That’s why I generally eschew management philosophy books and complicated process models that fail to account for the way people actually, well, work.  I find the literature harder to ignore these days because you’re automatically on the outs when you aren’t quote-battling in a conversation.  It drives me crazy, so I finally broke down and read The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford. Continue reading

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Junk Mail Is Fun

Somehow I’m on Techgtarget’s spam list and this is what graced the inbox this morning:

Gartner research suggests that any data center site that is more than 7 years old is obsolete.  Whether true or false, constructing a new data center is sometimes the only solution for outdated or overcrowded data centers.However, many newdata center builds and expansions end up failing -resulting in a massive waste of time and money for the organization.

Expand your knowledge with this white paper that presents the top 9 mistakes to avoid when expanding or constructing a data center facility. Though many data center builds result in failure,it’s not inevitable.Keep reading to learn an effective way to achieve success with a focusedtotal(sp) costof(sp) ownership (TCO) approach.

This is why I don’t read either of these publications (TT or Gartner): they read like Fox News, The Daily Mail or the National Enquirer.  Apologies to the National Enquirer.

What Gartner research?  What could possibly be outdated in just 7 years?  How is it that many multi-million and potentially multi-billion dollar construction projects “fail” and we don’t hear about that until a ridiculous spam letter, but one dude has mold problems in a $400K Pulte home and there’s a blog dedicated to spreading the word?  How much money do these fictional organizations lose?  I may never know the answers to these questions because you have to register to read, but I’m pretty sure a focusedtotal costof ownership approach will have about zero impact on the success of a construction project.

Hiring a competent general contractor?  Now we’re talking…

Update: Found the article.  It’s a 3 year old paper from APC/Schneider Electric that is yet another reason why we can’t have nice things in this industry (no citations, unsupported claims, horrific writing, generally bullshit all around).  Read it for a laugh, #6 in particular and then tell me if I should or should not use a modular design.  I’m so confused.


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“Tell Me about Yourself” Is not the dumbest question, but it is the dullest

I warned you I might do this.

In the long list of career advice articles, this one is not the worst topic but it does miss a great opportunity to treat the subject properly.  While interviewers do frequently break the ice with the standard “tell me about yourself” opening gambit there are better ways to tackle this grade-1 move.  I generally dislike the whole “how to prepare for common interview questions” theme anyway, because common interview questions are bad to begin with.  Why reinforce bad hiring techniques when you can fix them yourself on the fly and improve your prospects?  Continue reading

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